Effective Approaches to Teaching Science


I guess you would agree with me that Science is fascinating but also an important subject. So we need to give our students the best knowledge and skills that they need to learn.

Consider that sometimes science may not be received well by them if we are not good. I have here some approaches which I think will work for our class.

First, we must introduce ourselves in a friendly way. Let us make the learners feel comfortable with us. Whatever we do, we must have a pleasant attitude on the first days of school. we must also be accessible and even make the classroom more accessible to them.

Let us set the house rules clearly to the—cleaning is of utmost importance—Science class or not. We also need to tell them where they can access what materials and/or equipment for our classes.

I believe that the best laid out classroom rules and regulations will clarify and set everything in proper motion. We must also stress to them that the rules set for the classroom benefit everyone.

Second, we must be prepared to teach Science itself. With everything planned out, we would know what to teach every day, and for how long. Being prepared this way allows us to monitor their homework and assignments and other enrichment activities.

Next, we must teach Science to them in such a way that it is understandable. We have to simplify the terms and words found in the textbooks.

We have to remember that not everyone in the class has the same level of cognitive skills. Not everyone learns the same way. Therefore simplifying the words in our lessons, for instance, we use in explaining concepts will help a lot. This will help us get our message across—particularly those who are not cognitively advanced and/or prepared.

Next, we have to exercise moderation in treating the learners as if they ‘re very young—or otherwise very matured already.

We must strike a balance between their needs but also their responsibilities as persons. Treating everyone alike sets the tone—but make sure that with your leniency and/or strictness, they don’t cross the line, so to speak. But we do not need to embarrass them in case they do. We will work really hard to exercise patience.

And finally, we must teach Science in the most interesting, amazing way. How about asking them to learn the heavenly bodies or the planets of the Solar System by assigning them to make their own planetarium? It’d be simply amazing! We must make use of imagination in Science because it works every time. We must keep things interesting but also motivate and help them.

With such right approaches and/or generosity of spirit, our Science class will simply be unforgettable!