As a media practitioner and a contact center agent, I encounter people from different walks of life who become a part of my family and this includes people working in the medical field.

Sometimes I am worried about my friends not only in Capiz but also in California, New York and the Middle East—they are all working as medical front-liners. Not only that they have to work long shifts in their details but also directly deal with COVID-19 patients.

There’s also this feeling of anxiety because we’re dealing with a pandemic that spares nobody, not even our top officials in the province.

They can’t just deal with the same stuff every day and at an increasing pace.

Work overload is already bad in normal times and having such a situation in a pandemic worsens it.

It would be best to let the repatriates come in at the first half of the month and have a moratorium for the second half of the month every month until this pandemic is over.