Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late WILDY F. URETA, has left one (1) Mitsubishi
– Fuso Jeepney with Chassis No. RVI-0636-01-037-C; Engine No. 4D30-072885; Plate No. FVZ466 and C.R. No. 227674711. That pursuant to Section 1 of Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, and being with full capacity to contract, WENDELL D. URETA, surviving heir/son, do hereby adjudicate unto himself the above-mentioned vehicle. He, hereby affirm that he have executed this instrument out of his own free will without force, intimidation or violence upon a person, and that he have hereby received his just and proper share and have no more claim or demand against each other in connection with the adjudication. Entered under notarial registry of Atty. Benjamin B. Distura, a notary public for and in the City of Roxas, Province of Capiz, on June 23, 2022 as per Doc No. 507; Page No. 103; Book No. CXXXV; Series of 2022.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
January 16, 23 & 30, 2023