Musings of a Covid patient


August 21, the feast day of St. Pius X, was day five of my hospitalization. Time to muse on some insights I have gained these past days.

First, the vulnerability of each person especially if the enemy is unseen or at least covert. But with the omnipotence of God, all kinds of viruses are naught.

Second, the need to look around for some realizations that help us grow wholly. For example, the need for self-sacrifice. Those needle pricks even for simple FBS and those intravenous injections that come on a regular basis may weaken the spirit if I focus only on myself.

Yes, pondering on the agony of Jesus and Mary would put me to shame if ever I complain or whimper. The need for self-sacrifice includes patience and understanding of hospital people especially the ones serving me.

I should be thankful to them for making me feel at home and comfortable. I don’t have many complaints with the hospital room; if ever I frown on crawling ants and dripping faucets, I will certainly be less human.

Third and last. Gratefulness is the language of a great heart. I have to thank God first and foremost for the realization that despite these difficult times, I am given the best of almost everything.

Thanks to the team of five ever-patient and caring doctors chaired by Dr. Rene Huinda, specialists in their fields, for doing everything for my well-being; to my prayer warriors and well-wishers including those who send something (especially good food). God will surely reward these generous souls.

This may be the worst of times but this can be the best of times, too. God bless us all.*