Virgilio Clavel

Virgilio S. Clavel is a journalist, historian, poet and community servant leader.

Service Reset in Kindness
Aug 31, 2020

To forget yourself while serving people is the defining story of what Martin Luther King once asked: “What are you doing for others”?   Last Aug. 14, Friday, seven types of volunteers “jumped in” to restore the hope of vulnerable families during the induction of officers of the Women’s in Neighborhood (WiN) based at Sitio […]

On the ABS-CBN Issue
May 10, 2020

A decided case quite related to the ABS-CBN is the Divinagracia v. Consolidated Broadcasting System (CBS), [G.R. NO. 162272 : April 7, 2009, 2nd Supreme Court Division]. In the ABS-CBN, the franchise has expired, while in Divinagracia v. CBS a subsisting franchise exists. The issue on the latter case is on the exercise of the […]