4 more Delta variant cases reported in WV

The Department of Health Western Visayas Center for Health Development reported on July 29 that four more Delta variant cases were detected in the region.

Of the four, three are local cases while the other one is a returning overseas Filipino (ROF), DOH-WV CHD) director Adriano Suba-an said in a statement.

The results of the four additional cases were released by Philippine Genome Center (PGC) on July 29.

The new cases include a 59-year-old female from the area where the two previous Delta cases were

She was admitted at the Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC} on July 8 and a swab sample was taken on the same day.

Repeat swab was done on July 19 and yielded a negative result. The patient was discharged on July 20. She is presently undergoing home quarantine.

The second case is a 30-year-old male from Mandurtiao, Iloilo City.

The patient sought consultation at the Outpatient Department of WVMC due to chills and fever.

A swab sample was taken on July 8. The case was advised to undergo home quarantine. A repeat swab test was conducted and the result came out still positive. With this development, the case will be transferred to a quarantine facility in coordination with the concerned local government unit.

The third case is a 32-year-old female. The case is a dialysis patient admitted at the WVMC on June 28.

A swab sample was taken on July 8. The patient was discharged from WVMC on July 26 but was readmitted on July 27 due to difficulty of breathing. Repeat COVID-19 testing was done on July 28 and the result came out negative. However, the patient expired at 1:09 am on July 29 due to kidney failure.

The fourth case is a 46-year-old male from Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo. Details as to travel history is still being verified. The case is presently still in Manila but was tagged in Iloilo as his declared residence.

With these four new cases, the region’s total recorded cases of Delta variant now stands at six.

“Upon receipt of the PGC result, the DOH WV CHO has closely coordinated with the local government units to complete the profile of the identified cases. Back tracing will be immediately conducted to determine the possible sources of infection as well as forward tracing to identify their close contacts. The WV CHO is still in the process of establishing the current health condition including the vaccination status and other pertinent details of these new cases,” Suba-an stressed.

The DOH WV CHO emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 now that local transmission of Delta variant has been established, he said.

However, the public is also reminded that one can still get infected and possibly infect others with COVID-19 even after getting fully vaccinated, he added.

“It is important to complete the required doses of the vaccine to get the maximum protection against severe and critical COVID-19, and even death,” he said.

He stressed that it is imperative to continue the practice of the minimum public health standards such as wearing of face mask and face shield, physical distancing. regular washing of hands and ensuring that there is enough airflow when inside enclosed spaces.*