About Us

The Capiz Times was first published in October 1982 by Atty. & Mrs. Antonio and Corazon Ortiz and their friends, Mrs. Helen Acolentaba, Mr. Emmanuel Mejorada, and Mr. Bienvenido Cortes, a group of vigilant Capiceños, for Capiceños, and friends of Capiceños.  It was a community weekly conceived during the period of great uncertainty of Martial Law, initially to pose as a light in the darkness, a barometer of how low the freedom of expression would have been oppressed should it be shut down by the then Marcos regime.  Eventually, it evolved into the sole chronicler of the events that would shape the Province for 38 years now (2020) and this community newspaper continues to be a trailblazer of free speech and thought in this part of a beloved country.

Meet the Capiz Times Columnists

Niño Manaog | Editor

Fe Gomez-Villarruz

Chita Dela Cruz-Heap

Fr. Rey Villanoy

Virgilio Clavel

Fr. Erno Diaz

Edalyn Acta

Ralph John Mijares


Leo Gali


Amelita Luna

Paula Jane Acta


Jonard Layson