Nycel Jane Dela

Apr 08, 2024

It’s that time of the year again—April Fools’ Day.The day when pranksters come out to play, and harmless jokes and hoaxes are everywhere.But hey, let’s talk about something important here.Have you ever been on the receiving end of a prank that went too far? It’s not fun,right? Whether it’s being fooled, pranked, or cheated on, […]

Mar 25, 2024

As we celebrate Women’s Month, I can’t help but feel inspired by the progress we’ve made and the obstacles we’ve overcome. From the times when women were restricted to limited roles within the home, to the present day, where we see women taking charge in politics, business, and every other aspect of life, the change […]

Mar 15, 2024

As we journey through our teenage years, it’s incredible how swiftly we transform from children into young adults. This transition seems fascinating, but it is accompanied by unique challenges and choices. Some of us manage to maintain strong connections with our families, cherishing their guidance and obeying their wisdom. But for others, the allure of […]

Feb 26, 2024

As I look back on my time as a senior high school student, I can’t help but ponderthe impact of the K-12 education system in the Philippines. While it promised to provide us with a path toward a brighter future, it seems like wehave taken a detour back to the traditional college route.During those extra two […]