DTI to offer loan to small biz for 13th month pay of workers

SMALL BUSINESS (SB) Corp, the financing arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is readying a loan program to help micro and small businesses provide employees with their 13th month pay.
“Similar to what we did last year, we see no reason to defer the 13th month pay for this year as the government stands ready to support businesses amid the pandemic. We already reached out to SB Corp to develop a facility that will provide zero interest loans to companies needing 13th month funding,”
DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez said in a recent statement. Lopez said SB Corp is expecting that loan amount will range between PHP 50,000 to PHP 200,000 to cover 13th month pay for employees of these enterprises.
The budget for this new lending facility will come from the remaining allocation under Bayanihan 2 given to DTI for its Covid-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises (CARES) loan program.
Some PHP 8 billion were allotted to continue the
implementation of the zero interest loan initiated by DTI.
But the DTI chief believes that business continuity is the key to help enterprises thrive amid the pandemic. Lopez earlier pushed for
opening of businesses at all alert levels and only adjusting the operating capacities.
“This will be a shift from the open-close-open-close system at different lock down levels and will bring back more economic activities and jobs. This strategy will also bring better chances of meeting financial obligations as we advance the country’s vaccination roll out and move closer to a ‘new normal’,” he said.
He added this is possible in Metro Manila that has reached vaccination level at 80 percent. (PNA)