A Little Too Early?

Don’t you think it’s too early to level down the provinces and cities to General Community Quarantine (GCQ)?

For me, it is too early especially when Overseas Filipino Workers just started coming back in to their hometowns like us in Panay Island.

We know how the virus spreads, once a person with the virus enters an area, the chances of spreading to others is high.

I’m not saying that we should not let the OFWs come home because it is long overdue but the declaration for GCQ could be too early because of circumstances like these especially if the province or city is placed in GCQ then later on if there is an increase in cases (knock on wood) it would be devastating.

But from an economic standpoint, this is okay. In Capiz, for example, there is no liquor ban so the government can collect taxes from the liquor companies, the ones involved in the product logistics, and the government will be able to collect more revenue from stores that sell liquor.

Speaking of too early, it would also be too early to allow religious gatherings to resume in churches and places of worship. After all, religious gatherings are communal in general.

Despite the observance of social distancing, there are other risks like having many people in one place and touching the saints and other religious figures without the person sanitizing his or her hands or handkerchiefs.

Just saying.