A man of vision

We need a man of vision to lead us to dream big and realize all our needs for progress.
It is like having a simple useful invention that may a start a revolutionary enterprise that can spread like wild fire in even wild areas.
All our needs to progress would be meaningless without such leader and his technical men who must join to help determine the deeper problems and to understand where and what our short comings are and, together, exert skills and capabilities to solve them.
We need men of vision, dedication, industry and high technical capabilities to help build better if not the best future.
Do we have such man of vision? Yes, we have, but sometimes, is enslaved by the vision of others not his own which may be entirely different from what he has in mind.

Choked by the selfish interest in others, the man a vision falls prey to them. In the end, nothing comes out good.
The vision remains and never realized…waiting for someone strong enough to make it happen.*