A seat at the table of success

FILIPINOS are known as one of the happiest people in the world. Even in the darkest hours, we still manage to smile.
With this in mind, Roselina Doneza, a 68-year-old resident in Davao City, formed her business around making people smile especially in moments of celebration.
Roselina owns a chairs and tables rental business. Prior to establishing this enterprise, she tried her luck in different enterprises in order to help her husband, a taxi driver, to provide for the needs of their family. She first tried being a charcoal vendor. After this, she became a dirty ice cream supplier but eventually lost capital. She then started a piggery but encountered loss due to swine fl u. Despite this, the couple continues striving for the lives of their family. Roselina knows that she needs to find another way to survive, so she decided to join CARD Bank, which was introduced by one of her children who is already a CARD client.
CARD Bank is a financial institution of CARD MRI that provides financial assistance and loan products intended to fit clients’ businesses and family needs with low interest rate and flexible payment terms.
Afterwards, Roselina decided to form a center where she became the center chief until present time. The Kasama Ka center is one of the pioneering centers of CARD Bank in Davao. With Roselina’s presence as their center chief, all her co-clients from Kasama Ka Center always regain their strength from her. She always reminds them that there might be a time for failure but there will also be a time for victory and success. She always encourages her co-clients to maintain a stress-free lifestyle and to be responsible in all aspects of their lives, particularly in terms of fi nance as they are considered managers of their household incomes.
With the help of her daughter who is also a client of CARD Bank, both of them borrowed additional capital from CARD Bank and bought 10 pieces of chairs and a table as a starting point for their newfound business. For her, this rental service will become a hit among Filipinos because we are inclined to celebrate various occasions like birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. Each time her loan cycle would end with CARD, she would process her loan renewal to purchase more tables and chairs. She also started renting out a sound system, completing her party package rental.
Roselina found her motivation to continue in life as she observes changes in her family’s economic status. Her business gradually became known in nearby towns and barangays. “When you use your loan in CARD responsibly, it will really help your business grow,” Roselina shared.
With enough funds, Roselina expanded her business into room rentals. Her family now have five rental rooms, which give them a stable monthly income. Aside from that, her family also bought another property in Bukidnon where they began to grow ornamental plants and other fruit bearing trees such as durian, lanzones, rambutan. Roselina admits that the misfortune in her life almost knocked her down but then she realized that life is naturally full of surprises that everyone needs to welcome. In fact, she believes that everyone deserves a seat at the table of success. To know more about products and services of CARDBank, visit its official Facebook page @CARD Bank Official.