AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS-Davie John M. Delector (March 6-12, 2023)

Notice is hereby given that DAVIE JOHN M. DELECTOR, was the owner of one (1) unit HONDA MOTORCYCLE with Engine No. KSW00E135148; Chassis No. KSW00134428; O.R. No. 000201691597264 and C.R. No. 246251515. That the owner’s copy of Certificate of Registration (CR) of the said motor vehicle was lost and despite of diligent effort exerted by the owner to locate the said CR, it could no longer found and considered as lost. Entered under notarial registry of Atty. Lady Hope F. Gallenero, CPA, a notary public for the City and Province of Iloilo on February 23, 2023 as per Doc. No. 20, Page No. 05, Book No. 01; Series of 2023.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
March 6-12, 2023