Aspiring a public life

Luis Fernando Viterbo, or Bords, is on a new mission – to be a public servant.

In an interview with The Capiz Times, he said: “I make it a point nga may ara kami ibalik sa society kay wala man kami diri subong kon wala kami gin bless. I make it sure nga blessing man kami sa mga tawo.”

“I had been in a private sector for a long time and my modest creed in serving others is social responsibility nurtured by pag-isigkatawo, patugsiling, paghi-agom, paghili-upod kag kabalaslan sa mga tawo—mga panan-awan kag inspirasyon nga dapat indi madula sa serbisyo publiko,” he said.

He added, “sa akon pag-bana bana, ini nga social responsibility mapa sanyog lalo na sa liderato sa gobyerno. In short,
scaling up social responsibility in governance infuses better hope as we face the great challenge to prevail and succeed in the new reset. This is a recurring thought for people of goodwill and competence to join public service. The process of our recovery efforts can speed up if the right or good people enter public service.”

He said he could no longer remember when he entertained the idea of going into public service since his family has been in politics.

“It comes to a point in my life that I have to decide in what sector I could make a big difference or impact in people’s lives. I still have until October to decide if I will run for public office,” he said.

When asked about his priority agenda, he said food and water security. “Meaning sa barangay level, hatagan sila tsansa. I-prioridad nga makadevelop sila on their own way, na maging self-sufficient and sustainable ang mga proyekto kag inisiyatiba diri.

Ang pagkaon kag tubig mga basic necessities in life nga dapat available, accessible kag affordable sa mga kubos naton nga kasimanwa.

Second is backyard farming. “Ang aton abi city government, although may urban areas kita, majority sa gihapon ang rural areas. May ara kita dyapon pumuluyo, nga may duta sa likod nila balay nga pwede tamnan.”

He will also push for creating district zoning in the city’s development template, and that improving the traffic is also on his list.

He is also advocating for youth sports development. “I plan to push long-term basketball training programs or clinics to those who have strong interests and talents.” He is the son of Gabi and Edna Viterbo and married Mae Viterbo, a registered nurse.

He finished his elementary and secondary education at St. Mary’s Academy of Capiz, while he completed his college degree in human resources management at the De La Salle Unversity-College of St. Benilde.

He is an entrepreneur in various industries. Being a private person, he now aspires for public life.*