Billones: Probe Panaypower blackout

CONGRESSMAN Emmanuel “Tawi” A. Billones (LP-1st District, Capiz) is one of the members of the Visayas Block that is calling for a congressional probe on the massive power blackout that gripped Panay Island from January 2-5, 2024. Billones is one of the authors of a resolution urging the Committee on Energy of the Lower House to conduct an immediate inquiry in aid of legislation. The blackout—which coincided with the hopeful start of the New Year—disrupted daily life, causing discomfort and significantly impacting the well-being, productivity, and safety of the affected communities. It is noted that this incident not only aff ected the local economy of Capiz, but also tarnished the region’s image among visitors, both local and international. This recent power outage isnot an isolated event. Similar occurrences
were recorded in April 2023, prompting the House of Representatives to initiate an investigation via House Resolution No. 933 through the House Committee on Energy. Despite this, the findings have yet to be concluded, leaving responsible parties unaccountable and the public eagerly awaiting a viable and lasting solution to this recurring issue. The outcry and frustration from the affected residents have
been evident on social media platforms, with demands for explanations from authorities. The disruptions caused by these power outages have not only infringed upon the people’s constitutional right to a quality life but have also dealt severe blows to the local economy and resulted in property damage. Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action, the House of Representatives resolves to push for a comprehensive inquiry into the recent blackout. The objective is to identify the root causes, propose immediate solutions, and introduce legislative measures to prevent
similar incidents from occurring in the future. The underlines the House’s commitment to prioritize
the welfare of the aff ected communities and ensure the provision of reliable and uninterrupted power supply, aligning with constitutional rights and economic stability.