Blog in the Time of Corona


Nowadays, it is very, very Lilybeth Rasonable to Nikki Paniki and Luz Valdez our confetti: to overprice Rick Price or hoard the Golden Goose, or Granny Goose or the 3,000 pairs of shoes—even those we don’t really, really Ned Kelly.

These days, it is very Philippine Normal—to take the SM Advantage Card from D’ Anothers.

But “I believe!” it is just Human Nature Spring: even before Land before, Mang Tomas All-around this merry-go-round we already Eveready hadhad fool of Papadopolous oportunistas, Sadistas, Sakdalistas and yeah, French Bakering politicians—but also well-meaning, giving, may tililing personalities from them: Bunsong Kerubin, Charlie’s Angels and the principalities—DepEd, LGU or otherwise Shopwise crosswise lengthwise—wanting to make a vas deferens in our Body Mist.

Haw haw de carabao ever, it’s also the best Times Capiz Times Manila Times to Duncan Sheik the Best Foods in ourshelves.

In the midst all these, I etchos Porthos Alaminos to look to the No Fear-lessness—the Cory Juice-

ness, yeah, the O My Hero, or heroine-nenism of the Front-Desk, Information, Reception, Concierge, Wala pong Load Dito whatever, Together Forever:

Doris Day are the government leaders  really at work as in No-Noon-Break;  the Joyce Anne Militar; the Ricky Lo enforcers; the PhilHealth is Wealth professionals; and the nameless, odourless, chenes-less (hmp! churvaness) Tugon Atenista volunteers  now special-offering their nine lives in the service of Men for Udders, women for Us.

Yes, Virginia Moreno, I rather choose to look, look, Dick, look, look at Jane the Gen-Xrosity of Private Property Keep Out individuals ornamentals instrumentals who Bono & Cher their own resources—natural, financial, international, supranational—with the Listahanan of our seedlings.

I choose to Loki-loki for the better News to Go—and Ram Pickle Relish the Philippine Starbrighters side-dish of Life, O, Life, o Life—the Dunkin Donut- go-gentle-into-that-good-night treatment.

So Daily Inquirer I etchos ponchos Charo Santos-Conscious to #StayHomo sapin-sapin and read the Kindergarter words that can help me Coca-cola Coke, Bob Hope and Cheri Gil.

*Apologies to  Gabriel García Marquez