CaPENRO empowers coastal communities

The Capiz Provincial Environment and Natural Resources
Office (CaPENRO) recently conducted a four-day
orientation program in the coastal barangays of President
Roxas from October 17 to 20.
The initiative aimed to introduce container gardening to
local residents and promote sustainable practices in the
The orientation program led by Ma. Lyn Ronzales, Japhet
Bacanto, and Mr. Reynald Depaja received additional
support from the coastal resource and solid waste
management teams.
It targeted seven coastal barangays, namely Barangays
Pinamihagan, Pandan, Quiajo, Madullano, Marita,
Aranguel, and Sangkal.
Over the four-day schedule, a total of 105 women, with
15 participants from each barangay, actively participated
in the event.
During the orientation, CaPENRO distributed essential
materials, including one sack of vermicast, one pair of
scissors, one shovel, and half a kilogram of nylon string to
each participant. Additionally, participants received
various vegetable seeds, including eggplant, pechay, okra,
kamatis, string beans, and siling haba.
These supplies were provided to enable the participants to
establish their container gardens at home, ensuring a
fresh and sustainable source of food for their families.
The CaPENRO’s efforts to empower these coastal
communities with container gardening skills aim to
enhance food security, promote sustainable practices, and
contribute to environmental conservation in the region.

This initiative reflects the organization’s commitment to
the well-being of local communities and the environment.