Capiz blood supply ‘below normal’

ROXAS CITY — The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the blood supply in Capiz province.

“This year, budlay ang blood supply especially due to the cases of COVID-19 rising,” Ketch Armiza, donor recruitment officer of the Philippine Red Cross-Capiz chapter, said.

Of the 10 patients, only seven or eight can be catered immediately, which makes the status of blood supply below normal, but not depleted, Armiza said.

Before the pandemic, the chapter would get 800 blood units in a month on average, Armiza said. With blood donation drives canceled, it has caused a decline in monthly totals, he added.

In March, there were 1,000 blood units, April with 828, May with 545, and June with 150, he said.

On a daily basis, 25 to 30 blood units would be needed, he added.

The blood donations were allocated for incidents such as trauma due to vehicular accidents or any emergency, leukemia, hemodialysis, childbirth, severe anemia, Armiza said.

He said that other provinces are also faced with the same challenge, adding it is important for Capiz to sustain its supply.

“Kon maubusan kita supply, wala kita mapangayuan supply. All other provinces are encountering the same situation,” Armiza said.*