Capiz tightens borders vs ASF

CAPIZ Governor Fredenil Castro has created and ordered a task force to intensify border controls to prevent the entry of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the province amid a positivecase of ASF virus in Iloilo.
“To ensure that the province will remain ASF – free, the Provincial ASF Task Force is hereby mandated to intensify border control and it is hereby authorized to conduct regular and/or random checkpoints in every entry point, both in land and water, in the province,” Castro said in the Executive Order No. 28 issued on Oct. 14.
The governor also calls for a strict implementation on veterinary quarantine procedures and food safety on the movement of swine pork, pork products and by-products within the province.
The task force is tasked to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of effective and appropriate ASF prevention and
control measures, among others.
“There is a need to intensify preventive measures and strict implementation of veterinary
quarantine procedures and food safety measures on the movement and entry of swine pork, pork products and byproducts, whether frozen, cooked or processed to protect the hog industry in the province from the possible threat of ASF and its economic effects,” Castro noted.
The EO has cited that the
National Animal Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory of the Bureau of Animal Industry has confirmed that the blood samples collected by the rapid action team of the Veterinary Office of the Iloilo provincial
government and DA 6 from a suspected case in Iloilo was
positive for ASF virus.
The ASF is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs and in its acute form, the disease generally results in high mortality.
It continues to affect the swine production sector in the country with no vaccine and no known cure to date. (PIA Capiz)