Choco factory now makes chocolates

THE Shared Service Facility (SSF) for cacao processing has finally produced chocolate bars barely six
months after the blessing and inauguration of the facility in Barangay Cogon in Panitan
The SSF was named “Capiz Chocolate Factory.”
The product was an output of the five-day training for the CCIA officers and members on Chocolate Bar
Making and Cacao Product Development Training conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Capiz Provincial Office and Negosyo Center in Panitan last Dec. 13 to 17.
The training was designed to capacitate the members and soon-to-be processors on the methods,
handling and operation of the equipment at the facility.
“Indeed, it was a successful and productive activity as we’ve Choco factory now makes chocolates finally produced a Chocolates that are proudly made in Capiz,” said a Negosyo Center-Panitan social media
post, adding that the association is looking forward that the SSF named “Capiz Chocolate Factory” to begin its full operation next year. Cacao consultant and resource person Louie Cena presented and demonstrated the actual processes of making chocolates/tablea from the sorting of quality cacao beans,
roasting, winnowing/cracking of beans, nibs grinding, chocolate melanger, tempering, molding, packaging of products and proper storage of finish products.
The training also covered the proper care and management of cacao trees as well as the techniques for fermenting and drying of cacao beans.
The development of the SSF was realized thru the support of the Capiz provincial as well as Panitan municipal governments and the CCIA, among others. (PIA Capiz)