Contreras still works despite being COVID-positive

ContrerasROXAS CITY—Governor Esteban Evan Contreras has tested positive for COVID-19 but continues to work only in isolation.

Recently, the Capiz Kabalaka Information Center shared pictures of Contreras doing paperwork inside the ESLA-Governor’s Mansion in Barangay Lanot here.

On Aug. 24, Contreras said that he has tested positive  per Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test and declared asymptomatic.

Contreras said that he has ordered the Provincial Health Office and the Provincial COVID-19 Task Force to isolate those who had contact with him and were exposed to him.

He also advised those who had contact with him to isolate or quarantine themselves and to likewise undergo PHO’s RT-PCR.

Contreras advised people to follow health security and safety protocols.

“The virus doesn’t discriminate. The virus is out there to infect anybody,” Contreras said.