DEED OF EXTRA- JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH SALE-Late Sps. Tito and Estrella Daliva Jarencio

Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late SPOUSES TITO JARENCIO and ESTRELLA DALIVA JARENCIO has been extra-judicially settled by and among their heirs as per DEED OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH SALE executed on September 19, 2019 and entered as per Doc. 302, Page No. 62, Book No. LXXVI, Series of 2019 of notarial registry of Atty. Ely F. Azarraga, JR., a notary public for and in the City of Roxas,
Province of Capiz.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
March 1, 8 & 15, 2021