Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late CEFERINO V. PATIÑO, SR. has left certain real properties situated in Dao and Sigma, Capiz Province which are more particularly described as follows:
LOT 121, CTC No. T-206, 14,974 (SQ.M.), Pob. Ilaya, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 766, CTC No. T-4519, 2,856 (SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 129, CTC No. O-136, 53,587 (SQ.M.), Balucuan, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 965, CTC No. T-204, 5,002 (SQ.M.), Nasunugan, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 460, CTC No. RT-518(3571), 17,529 (SQ.M.), Nasunugan, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 717, CTC No. RT-515(3568), 3,880(SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 1370, CTC No. T-5851, 3,910(SQ.M.), Daplas, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 1380, CTC No. T-10565, 12,110(SQ.M.), Daplas, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 733, CTC No. RT-516(3569), 92,77 (SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 738-B, CTC No. T-5242, 15,556(SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 577, CTC No. T-10567, 121,093(SQ.M.), Quinabcaban, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 726, CTC No. RT-517(3570), 5,505 (SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 555, CTC No. T-3037, 42, 808(SQ.M.), Quinabcaban, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 560, CTC No. T-3036, 14, 717 (SQ.M.), Quinabcaban, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 539, CTC No. T-3035, 21,420 (SQ.M.), Quinabcaban, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 762 pt., CTC No. T-954, 17,464 (SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz;
LOT 714-pt., CTC No. Untitled, 10,000 (SQ.M.), Quinayuya, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 714-pt., CTC No. Untitled, 10,000 (SQ.M.), Quinayuya, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 703-pt., CTC No. Untitled, 46,167(SQ.M.), Quinayuya, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 362-G, CTC No. Untitled, 244,437(SQ.M.), Matagnop, Dao, Capiz;
LOT 157-C, CTC No. T-4252 (RT2529), 1,483 (SQ.M.), Balucuan, Dao, Capiz; &
LOT 1070, CTC No. Untitled, 1,277 (SQ.M.), Dayhagon, Sigma, Capiz

as per DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE executed on January 28, 2019 and entered as per Doc. 88, Page No. 19, Book No. CXLI, Series of 2019 of notarial registry of Atty. Marcelo Augusto A. Cosgayon, notary public for and in the City of Roxas, Province Capiz.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
May 3, 10 & 17, 2021