Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late EDITHA VILLARUZ CLAVATON, has left
a house and lot with Account No. 29083830001 with a total lot area of 200 square meters located at Brgy.
Lonoy, Roxas City, Capiz and during her lifetime acquired and constantly paying the monthly amortization of the aforementioned property being a Beneficiary and member of SAN JUAN HOA, INC. with Status No.
229.62, and LGU-Roxas City as the mobilizer. That the aforesaid real property is not yet fully paid, thus, it was not yet finally awarded and titled to the deceased beneficiary. That the parties herein, being the legal heirs of the deseased and by reason of the fact that they are all legitimate children, inherit by way of intestate succession, the aforesaid property and intend to fully pay the balance of the property.
That GERALD V. CLAVATON, RONELO V. CLAVATON, HERNANE V. CLAVATON, REYNOEL V. CLAVATON, CELSO V. CLAVATION JR., ROBIN V. CLAVATON, GLENALYN C. ESQUILLO, LEAH C. MARANAN, and RHEA C. VILLARUEL, for and in consideration of love and affection for their co-heir, GLENDA C. GALACINAO who was actually paying the monthly amortization of the property, hereby expressly WAIVE, RENOUNCE , ABANDON and RELINQUISH all their rights, interests , participation in the abovedescribed property and let her continue and fully pay the balance of the said property and further adjudicate it to her name when fully paid. Entered under notarial registry of Atty. Sheila Arenajo Artillero, a notary public for and in the City of Roxas, Province of Capiz on February 2, 2022 as per Doc No. 102 ; Page No. 22; Book No. LVI; Series of 2022.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
October 10, 17 & 24, 2022