Doctor Wally and the word of mouth

Last March 19, 2020, all radio stations in Roxas City have reported that the controversial and divisive figure Patrocenio Calvez Chiyuto Jr, also known as Doc Don Chiyuto, the alleged chief executive officer of Double Your Money Investment Scheme, was kidnapped at his house in BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City.

The reported incident has caused mixed reactions from both the supporters and critics.

On social media and in public places, it generated hot debates and speculations whether the incident took place or was just a staged event. Doctor Don Chiyuto became a household name that Capisnons, regardless of socio-economic status and age, is aware of.

For Capisnons born in the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was news about Doctor Wally. He said to draw blood from children and drank it.

In the absence of social media during the early 1990s, the word of words spread like wildfire in the forest.

The elementary pupils were afraid and hid in their classrooms every time they heard the news that Doctor Wally was on the town looking for fresh blood to satiate his thirst for blood.

It was obscure where that story originated from, but it is still recounted and a source of fond memories of childhood sans the gadgets and social media.

Also, who could forget the story of Maria Labu? In the early 2000s, there was also a story of an OFW who her employer bewitched in exchange for inheritance. She turned into aswang. She ate her children, which prompted his husband to hack her, which left a hack wound on her face.

Despite social media and massive information on the internet, nothing can still be an effective source of misinformation and disinformation than word of mouth.

In social media, they sell the misinformation and disinformation like hotcakes while ignoring the bitter truths, and they bashed the messengers.

But in the end, after the dust settled in, the truth shall prevail and liberate us from false belief.*