DSWD holds media forum in Capiz

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) recently held a media forum at
Maribert Inland Resort in Pontevedra town to discuss the accomplishments of the Sustainable
Livelihood Program (SLP), Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), and the Protective Services
Division in the province.
SLP officer-in-charge regional program coordinator (RPC) Juliet Besa said that a total of
P193,908,000.00 assistance was provided to 13,093 clients in the region, wherein, P15,915,000.00
was given to 1,061 SLP regular beneficiaries in the province.
“The Sustainable Livelihood Program is a capability-building program of the DSWD that aims to help
poor, vulnerable, and marginalized households to improve their socio-economic conditions through
livelihood assets,” Besa said.
Besa also stated that aside from regular SLP, they also distributed P900,000.00 to 73 beneficiaries of
SLP for Executive Order No. 70, series of 2018 who were former rebels or part of the communist
terrorist groups (CTGs).
“For the province of Capiz this is only implemented in the second district, specifically in Tapaz,” Besa
Meanwhile, a total of P5,415,000.00 was given to 361 rice retailers in the province under the SLP-
Economic Relief Subsidy (SLP-ERS).
“For the first district, we have served 167 micro-rice retailers amounting to P2,505,000.00 and for the
second district, we have served 194 amounting to P2,910,000.00 SLP-ERS in the province.
Further, the 4Ps provincial link Mary Grace Solinap said that as of November 9, Capiz has a total of
38,260 active 4Ps households.
“The 4Ps are divided into two categories, the Regular Conditional Cash Transfer (RCCT) and the
Modified Conditional Cash Transfer (MCCT). Most of our MCCT cover our indigenous people. Way
back then, we had around 600 IPs. As of November status, we have only 104,” Solinap added.
The most numbered beneficiaries in Capiz are from Roxas City with 5,192, followed by Tapaz town
with 3,688, and Pilar town with 3,340.
Solinap also stated that there is a total of 13,163 non-poor 4Ps re-activated households in the
“Out of 17,645 targets, we have a total of 13,163 diverted or turned into active again based on the
result of the sweep assessment. Then the rest of it, we have more than 3,000 candidates for exit in
the program as validated that are already considered as non-poor,” Solinap said.
Solinap added that there is an additional 5,265 new 4Ps in Capiz.
Moreover, as for the Protective Services Division, community-based section head Lisa Camacho
reported that for the DSWD supplementary feeding program, Capiz has a total of 18,169 actual
children beneficiaries amounting to P47,854,800.00 with physical accomplishment of 95.68 percent,
and 100 percent in terms of financial accomplishment.
Camacho further discussed that Capiz has a total number of 56,265 indigent senior citizens for the
social pension (SocPen) with 55 centenarians in the province.

“For the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) in Capiz as of September, there is a total of
20,941 beneficiaries served, with a total amount of P91,898,000.00 that are still ongoing offsite and
are being serving in the SWAD office in Roxas City,” said Camacho.