Environmental management needed in watershed areas

The Watershed areas in Capiz permeates the municipalities of Tapaz, Jamindan, Mambusao, Maayon, Dumarao, Pontevedra, Pilar, President Roxas and Roxas City. Primary Panay River Basin and other major rivers and creeks pass through these areas. Forest Land Use Plan is vital in the protection, conservation and management of watershed areas. It needs to be integrated in the LGUs Comprehensive Land Use Plan
(CLUP) and Development Plans for implementation and institutionalization.
The Panay River watershed areas (219,772.48 has.) embraces almost entire province of Capiz and portion of Northern Iloilo.
There are issues and threats in forest lands that need attention and consideration, that, if properly addressed can help much in watershed protection. It includes among other things the following:
rapid population growth and influx of migrants; lukewarm support from LGUs; indiscriminate upland farming scheme; and resistance to forest rehabilitation program, etc.
The loss of forest covers and unprotected watershed areas leads to loss of wildlife, reduced water supply, massive soil erosion, agricultural production, damage to
infrastructure and the loss of lives and property.
With the present situation, of having constant flooding, high rise water level, landslide, soil erosion, etc., our province is in constant fear of such risks and continue to be such until something can be done out
rightly and evidently to address the situation.*