Eulogy for mama

NUEVA SILO PALACIO. Mama and Mommy to us in the family.
Mama Eva and Tita Eva to most friends and relatives. And of course, Lola to her grandchildren.

Allow me to start with what I am most thankful for. I’m grateful for my family. They have been an incredible source of strength in the past days and did the real work to make this service happen. Thank you.

I am also thankful that this Zoom gathering is filled with so many people that knew and cared for Mama. Seeing the tremendous love and support here for Mama and my family is humbling and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time today to be here.

Mahirap tanggapin, but this is a very emotional and challenging time for me and most of us. I’ve struggled to understand and accept this situation. Losing Mama is a deeply painful experience. We wish that we had more time, and perhaps that during the time we had we had spent more of it together.

Growing up, we never had much money (well, even until now as I speak). But Mama never complained about this. She would literally give you her last peso. And for me, many times she did. Mama was selfless, especially when it comes to answering the needs of her children. Remember the common saying among us? “isusubo na lang, ibibigay pa”. For us, Mama was the poster image of this popular saying. Whenever one of us her children, fails to make it for dinner time – we are not afraid to go hungry because we know for sure that Mama will have a food specially saved for us.

Mama was the kindest, most loving person we’ve ever known. She mothered everyone, so much so that friends would often call her mom. She took this as a compliment and never shied away from being there for others who needed support in one way or another. We’ve always thought that due to old age, Mama became forgetful of many things. But to our surprise she has a sharp memory of all the names of her nieces, nephews, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Because that is what she is, a Mama to all. Whenever she pays a visit to one of them, Mama makes it a point that she has something to give. That is how thoughtful she can be.

I will miss Mama’s smile, Mama’s laughter. Mama was funny, without even making an effort to be funny. Yes, we loved to make fun of her. We always loved recalling her innocent mistakes – like whenever she needs to look for one of us. She has this funny habit of mentioning all of our names – even if she was looking for just one of us. Like . . . But this only goes to show her endearing love for us her children.

​Mama, is the best wife Papa could have asked for. We are thankful that they had the chance to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary Last October 9. 55? We already marveled at them when they achieved their 50th. If there was a number for forever, Mama and Papa would have surely go for it.

How many people in this world have it so much easier than Mama did. Many of us get distracted by insignificant things in life, many of us brood and focus on our little problems, and forget that which is most important.

But through everything Mama went through, she managed to keep her priorities straight. What can be more important than loving and showing your love for your family? How can some of us who are blessed with so much forget to be thankful to God, Mama kept her faith through all of her trials.

For us, this is a wonderful legacy. This is a wonderful example to follow. Keep focused on what is truly important, not only when your life is easy, but when it is difficult too.

We will miss celebrating Christmas with you, Ma. Yes, Mama loves the Christmas holidays. She always looks forward to our staycations. The fun part is that we get to extend it to celebrate her birthday which is six days from now, New Year’s Day. But aside from that, our Noche Buena table will not be complete without her menudo, beef steak, macaroni salad etc. What will our Noche Buena taste without you Ma?

​God showed his enormous love to Mama, by allowing Mama to have her best birthday celebration. To have it in his paradise, his kingdom. Even so, as we celebrate the life of Mama on her 9th day, God made it sure to coincide with the birth of his only Son, Jesus Christ.

​Papa was telling me why did Mama leave in haste without saying goodbye. Sometimes Mama has her way of doing things her own way. Papa recalled the last time they held hands together. It was out of the blue that Mama called Papa to sit beside her bedside. We never knew that was goodbye. Deep in our hearts we will not say goodbye to you Ma, we can only say until we meet again.

Mama is survived , together with Papa,by the four of her children (Warren/Twink, Waldemar, Walden/Jen and Neysa) and her 6 grandchildren (Bea, Matthew, Pauline, Gayle, Joshua and Rafa) as well as other relatives and friends.

Thank you again for being here today to honor her memory. She loved all of you and her memory will live on in all of us.

(This eulogy was delivered by Warren Palacio for his mother, Nueva Palacio. Warren’s wife Twink Palacio is a columnist for The Capiz Times).