Explosive lobbed at Dumarao mayor’s house

Unidentified riding-in-tandem suspects threw an explosive outside the house of Dumarao Mayor Mateo Hachuela at Brgy. Poblacion Ilaya on August 5.

According to Capt. Achilles Fanco Jr., Dumarao town police chief, their initial investigation revealed that the perimeter fence was hit with the explosive and that they found some shrapnel nearby.

Fanco also said, “We do not discount politics as one of the reasons for the incident, since the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections is approaching. But we will still look into the result of the investigation. We have not received any information of a threat against the mayor.”

Likewise, he assured the people of Dumarao that their police would maintain peace and order in the locality.

For his part, Hachuela said, “The suspects are just creating a scenario to threaten the people of Dumarao that their place is not safe. But Dumaraonons already knew who the good and bad people of Dumarao were.”

The mayor was out of the house during the incident.

Hachuela also said the suspects want to spoil the enjoyment and peaceful momentum of the people because of the whole duration of their festivities from August 1–5.

“To create fear among the people, they turn to grenade throwing into my house but I will continue to do what is best for Dumarao. They have been threatening whoever opposes them during the election, and they also threw a grenade into my house during the campaign period. But the people have spoken, resulting in my landslide victory. The people have no alternative but to support me to attain change in Dumarao,” he said.

Col. Jerome Afuyog Jr., Capiz police provincial director, said his men would conduct a thorough investigation to determine the perpetrators and their motives.

He said that the Capiz police will not tolerate such acts and will make sure that those responsible individuals suffer the consequences of their actions.

“I urge the community to cooperate with the local police by providing the information that could lead to a solution to the incident,” he said. He added, “No one was hurt in the incident, and we advice the public to keep calm, be vigilant and be mindful of their surroundings at all times.”*