Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late FABIAN BESANA CONTRERAS, who was died July 23, 1988 at Roxas City, was left a parcel of land known as Lot No. 1915, Cad-164 with an area of 10,688 sq.m., covered by OCT No. P-17002, situated at Brgy. Bagacay, Municipality of Panay, Capiz. That
the parties hereto extra-judicially adjudicated the above-mentioned parcel of land among themselves,
under an Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate executed by the parties on Dec. 01, 2023 and entered with notarial registry of Atty. Ely F. Azarraga, Jr., a notary public for the City of Roxas, Province of Capiz as per Doc. No. 384; Page No. 78; Book No. II ; Series of 2023.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
January 1, 8 & 15, 2024