Notice is hereby given that MANUEL CUSAY who died intestate on September 21, 1992 at St. Anthony
College Hospital, Roxas City, Capiz. The said deceased has left a parcel of land known as Lot No. 122, Cad-
975-D under Katibayan ng Orihinal na Titulo Blg. P-14515 situated at Poblacion, Jamindan, Capiz with an
area of 463 SQ.M. more or less. The parties, hereto have agreed as they hereby do so agree to adjudicate the said property. That the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by MERLE T. CUSAY they do hereby WAIVE, RENOUNCE and CONVEY in a manner of absolute and irrevocable all her rights, shares and interests over the said parcel of land unto and in favour of all the children of the late, namely: Shirley C. Vigo, Maricel T. Cusay, Manuel T. Cusay, Jr., and Nhiel T. Cusay which legally pertains to her by inheritance from her late husband.. Entered under the Notarial Registry of Atty. Genalyn Baclor Valentino a Notary Public for Roxas City and Province of Capiz as per Doc. No. 289, Page No. 59, Book No. I, series of 2023.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
October 30, November 6 & 13, 2023