Notice is hereby given that the intestate estate of the late ROQUE RAMOS has left a parcel land with Katibayan ng Orihinal na Titulo Bilang No. 2017000274 (Lot No. 1705, Cad-213) situated in the Brgy.
Cogon, Capiz containing an area of (24,924) Sqm. more or less. That the heirs/sellers do hereby Sell,
Cede, Transfer all their rights and interest over the said parcel of lot in favor of Spouses El and Eric Esteban
Contreras and in the manner absolute and irrevocable free from all liens and encumbrances amounting to
Seven Hundred Thousand Pesos (PHP700,000.00), Entered under notarial registry of Atty. Emilyn D.
Arboleda-Depon, a notary public for and in the City of Roxas, Province of Capiz as per Doc No. 286; Page No. 59; Book No. XXVIII; Series of 2022.

The Capiz Times Publishing,
June 13, 20 & 27, 2022