Farmers neglected heroes of today

Farmers, from all facets of life, of diff erent angles, sizes, and shapes however they are one of the most neglected groups in our country.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. assumed the leadership in the Department of Agriculture which has trillions of funds.

However, despite bulk systems and degrading

Without them, we cannot eat three times a day, yet we have ignored their needs, that’s why they’re living by their means only. Giant companies have used them to gain great wealth that usurp their dreams, goals, and resources without helping them to the fullest.

Most of the time, their voices were unheard and their causes were forgotten, as we have taken them for
granted. What if they will take a strike even just for a month?

Assuredly, we would have empty stomachs and die.

Farmers are great people. I have many relatives like them and had the chance to meet some of these great men and women who strive to exist even if they’re being neglected and
ignored by the people who have the power to help them.

May our farmers be truly called the heroes of today.*