Hawk-owl rescued

A HAWK-OWL was rescued at Alasaging, Maayon, Capiz on February 4 after it was found by residents.

The owl was identified as Luzon Boobook Ninox Philippensis by Godfrey Jakosalem of Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PhilBio), the Capiz Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office.

Luzon Boobook – which has a brown head and upper parts with a slightly speckled effect and whitish below with thick reddish-brown streaks – is a fairly small owl of lowland and foothill forest and edge.
According to the residents who found the owl, it was struggling to fly due to its damaged right wing.

It can be assumed that the damage on its right wing was acquired due to some attack of unidentified object, like a tirador shot, CaPENRO said.

The young owl needs months to fully recover, it added.

CaPENRO later turned it over to the Office of Provincial Veterinary for observation and proper care before its release to the wild.

Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Leonel Abordo advised not to release the owl to the wild for its vulnerability to predators with its weak condition.*