Helping Families of Covid-19 Victims

When we become more attuned to what is going on around us, we are more able to respond appropriately. We see how everyone walks about with a mask and face shield as a standard layer of protection from the COVID 19 virus. There are signs and reminders everywhere about safety protocols such as regular sanitizing and observing social distancing. By following these guidelines, we not only take care of our loved ones, but also the other people around us. We have to remember that it is only in
working together that we can overcome this pandemic.
And so we adhere to the protocols, open community pantries and even advocate for vaccination. But these are just the beginning, because by now, we are also aware of the mental health struggles
that people face, whether young or old. It seems only right that we have to look after one another in this aspect as well.
Lockdowns and quarantines have restricted our social interaction and recreational activities. It has also proved to challenge our means of income and tested our relationships. Even more so for families of
COVID 19 victims who suff er from deep loss and emotional shock.
Let us also recognize their plight and provide them with whatever help we can give, whether financial or emotional support especially if the victim is the head of the family.
Let us try to understand what they might be feeling instead of discriminating them. They too still have young children and senior parents to care for, and it can easily be overwhelming when you are not sure of what the future would bring. The vulnerable one in the family should be given appropriate attention. In particular, students may not perform well in school, and it could further manifest in their physical health.
Just as we realize the need to improve our health care system and education, we should also begin to invest in mental health, particularly for those that are susceptible. We should help one
another in this trying times in any way that we can.