Ivisan’s Integrated Coconut Processing Facility: The Farmers’ Pride

The first and only in Panay Island, the Integrated Coconut Processing Facility at Brgy. Ondoy, Ivisan, Capiz. Initiated by then head of Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Capiz Mr. Jeffrey delos Reyes, who is now head of PCA Regional Office 6, the Integrated Coconut Processing Facility was started sometime in 1990s with a handful of equipment.
Later on, through his persistence, De los Reyes secured additional funding totaling Php27 million, which helped complete the required equipment for the said facility.
De Los Reyes then organized the Capiz Small Coconut Farmers Marketing Cooperative (CASCOFAMCO), that now has an active membership of 3,000.
Each member pays Php200 membership fee and capital buildup (CBU) of not less than Php2,000
Today the facility is being run by CASCOFAMCO members themselves. Each product line has its respective processing facility, which generates employment.
Th coconut oil processing facility that produces crude oil used to formulate feeds by poultry farm operators, costing Php47 per liter; copra meal at Php10 per kilo; cooking oil out of copra at Php95 per liter; and virgin coconut oil used in producing bath soap at Php25 per piece. It also produces coconut coir which are converted into non-food products, the fiber or husks turned into geo-nets used by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for soil erosion control. One roll which is 50 m long costs Php60 per meter; while coconut dust costs Php70 per sack. It is used as soil medium of vegetable planters.
Soon CASCOFAMCO will produce vinegar from coconut water.
Marketing is not a problem to CASCOFAMCO according to Mr. Noel Alvarez, OIC, PCA-Capiz, because the products organic, which means no chemicals added, are in demand everywhere.
All raw materials are supplied by members of CASCOFAMCO.
The facility has generated employment in the province. Aside from the 16 regular employees, CASCOFAMCO also hires contract laborers for pakyaw jobs.
CASCOFAMCO is now included in the list of tourism destinations in Capiz, because it also serves as learning facility and a show window for students, farmers, and entrepreneurs.