Kumpas, Tunog, Kiay sa Roxas City

At least, wala gid man nabulanan nga nasulat ko ini nga article: kay ini nga tumalagsahon nga hitabo kag
nagpa-lipay sa mga taga Roxas City nga ginhiwat sadtong January 21, 2024: the very memorable concert
of no less than the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the resident orchestra of the Cultural Center of
the Philippines (CCP).
Lara Maigue and Gian Magdangal—great singers in their own right—also performed.
It was well attended by people from all walks of life as many sectors of our city folks were represented,
which I believe was the purpose of the city government headed by Mayor Ronnie Dadivas.
One could see both familiar and the not so familiar faces. Just the same, everybody was delighted.
And why not? The famed orchestra—the pride of the Philippines—rendered variety of songs from the
classical to Broadway, from OPM to movie theme songs, and songs that even the young ones in the
audience truly appreciated.
I am not a musician myself, but I do love music.
On my end, I was entertained by the educational part of the show when conductor Herminigildo
Ranera—in his very short, but interesting talk—reminded me of the five types of musical instruments:
percussion, wind, string, brass, and keyboard. And so, I was again reminded of what piccolo, oboe, viola,
clarinet, and the saxophone are.
Kuntani masundan pa gid ini nga klase sang mga events.
Sa matu-od: there were really “kumpas, tunog kag kiay” in that one enchanted evening.