Meet Capisnon artistShiela Mae Bernaldez

Constantly exploring the field of art, Sheila Mae Bernaldez is a 25-yearold artist from Panay, Capiz. Because she explored the art world, her style varies constantly. During her high school days, a school project requiring
them to draw their parents awakened her interest in art.

However, her newfound passion didn’t immediately take off as she was focused on her academics.

She rediscovered this passion again during college when she stumbled upon a book called “How to Draw Realistic Pets” by Lee Hammond.

Upon purchasing this book, it renewed her interest. But for the second time, she prioritizes her academics first.

After completing her degree in Accounting Technology at Filamer Christian University, she was not able to immediately get a job, thus, giving her time
to focus on the passion she had put on the sidelines for a long time.

For two years, she spent her time drawing and sculpting, refining her skills and creativity. With graphite, charcoal, watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic, and oil paint, she painted from life-sized canvases to tiny grains of seeds.

Such works were displayed at public events such as the Visayan Islands Visual Arts Exhibit Conference (VIVA ExCon) in 2018. Her miniature paintings on coffee beans were also displayed at Escolta, Manila.

She is a member of GUHIT Pinas and the secretary of its local subgroup, Guhit PinasCapiz (GPC). Currently, she works as an office clerk at a motorcycle dealer in Roxas City.

She does not only accept commissioned portraits and paintings, but she also trades some of her artworks for necessities in online barter communities.

With the support of her family and friends, anything is possible.

Source: Capiz Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office