More PPAs, fewer funds

For development, program, projects, and activities (PPAs) are conceptualized not only to answer the needs of our people but to put into action the vision of a leader.
However, the vision of a leader may not be his vision but the vision made for him by people that surround him with their vested interest.
As there are more PPAs identified, the resources for their realization become insufficient.
Insufficient provision of funds, the needs, as well as the urgent projects of the government become a deadlock.
The decision has to be made, prioritization may be done and cost estimates projected from the standard point of development, are to be faced.
The Civil Society Organization’s (CSOs) role in development pursuits in this instance is of paramount
importance but oftentimes never heard and considered.
Supposedly, measures have to be done to secure CSOs participation in any development
It is within our capacity to mold our future through the government’s development pursuits. It is our business to welcome the future and to meet its new challenges.
It is our privileged time and should take advantage of the opportunity to prove our worth in the community and country.*