Neophytes topple Capiz political tycoons

By Edith B. Colmo

THE recent national and local elections have set history in the political arena in the province of Capiz.

Lots of political tycoons were smashed by people who were unheard in politics, though there were politicians who were re-elected to their posts after proving their worth.

Baby Jane Castro who served as a congresswoman in 2001 replaced his husband, governor-elect Fredenil Castro, as a legislator in the 2nd District of Capiz.

Castro, the longest serving congressman, defeated another political stalwart, Evan Contreras, in the gubernatorial seat.

In the municipalities, lots of leadership were changed.

Former governor Vic Bermejo defeated incumbent mayor Felipe Barredo in Panay.
In Pontevedra, where the leadership has been led by the seasoned political tycoon, Barangay Captain Henry Tumlos prevailed.

Incumbent mayors Arnold Perez of Pilar, Raymond Malapalo of Maayon, and Catherine Dequina-Belo of
Panitan were re-elected to their posts.
In Sigma, businessman Dante Eslabon, who was unheard in politics, defeated a political stalwart Stephen
Alayon, a former vice mayor.

The only lady municipal executive, Luz Labao, replaced her husband, Leodegario Labao, after defeating her opponent, former mayor Joe Alba.

McArthur Valdemar retained his post as mayor of Jamindan. The same with Felipe Neri Yap who was re-elected as mayor of Ivisan.

In Dao, neophyte politician Engr. Jimbo Baruela defeated his opponent, Joselito Escutin who was a seasoned political leader.

In Cuartero, Jomrie Opiniano is a former vice mayor and a councilor.

In Dumarao, one-term board member Atty. Matteo Hachuela won for mayor after defeating Leslie Warren

Further, in Dumalag, Ma. Concepcion Castro, daughter of governor-elect Castro, defeated
her opponent, Clemente Firmalino, for mayor.

In Tapaz, Roberto Palomar was re-elected mayor.

With this trend, showing the surprising result of the election, where the neophytes overrun the seasoned politicians, we could simply conclude that people want change in leadership.

Anyway, the election is only one day. After that, our lives will go on. Whoever wins, we ought to support. It is the people’s mandate. Losers, it is time to reflect: what will you do to regain the people’s trust?

Whether you win or lose, it is for sure God’s will. We should lead the people according to the law of God, regardless of creed, color, and affiliation.

Forget politics. then you will be blessed with wisdom.*