NFA, LGU tandem to provide add’l palay buying price

THE National Food Authority Capiz has intensified its campaign on the Palay Marketing Assistance Program for Legislators and Local Government Unit (PALLGU) to greatly assist palay farmers in marketing their produce during
harvest season. PALLGU will provide opportunities to palay farmers to maximize their income as well as local government units and other national government agencies to serve their farmer – constituents.
“This will be of great help to the farmers considering that the grain marketing during harvest season is not in a good situation. Farmers are forced to sell their produce at a very low price during peak season when the supply is high,” said part of a news release by NFA about the program.
The NFA has already conducted several meetings with the legislators and local chief executives to educate, promote, encourage and eventually convince them to enter into PALLGU to help their farmer-constituents.
It will also embark on courtesy visits to newly elected officials to introduce and solicit support for the success of the program which largely depends on the level of support it will get from the targeted partners.
Under the program, the legislators or heads of the LGUs shall enter into a Marketing Agreement with the NFA where the former will provide a premium amount on top of the government procurement support price of palay currently fixed at P19.00 per kilogram when buying from the individual farmers or farmer organizations.