NGCP lauds DILG’s assistanceon critical transmission projects

Power transmission operator NGCP commends the
Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for
its proactive support and assistance extended in
coordinating with local government units (LGUs) affected
by several critical transmission projects.
NGCP says the support of the DILG played a very
important role in the completion of several critical projects
of the company.
Since NGCP’s coordination with the DILG, the agency was
able to help secure 26 building permits from affected
LGUs which are traversed by the Mindanao-Visayas
Interconnection Project.
The DILG’s assistance was also crucial in securing 42
building permits, 45 locational clearances, and 8 barangay
clearances for the completion of the Hermosa-San Jose
500kV Line.
“The usual chokepoints for our projects are the
procurement of right-of-way and the issuance of permits
from local governments and other government agencies.
While we have been diligent in completing the items
needed from us to secure the required clearances, timely
permit processing unfortunately remains one of the bigger
stumbling blocks to on-time project completion.
Considering the urgency of our projects, we greatly
appreciate DILG’s support to fast track the release of the
needed permits,” NGCP said.
“We are grateful for the assistance of Sec. Benhur Abalos
who has extended us every accommodation. He went as
far as appointing Asst. Sec. Odie Pasaraba who has been
invaluable to us in our coordination with the LGUs,” stated
the company.

NGCP emphasized the need for a whole of government
approach in pushing for the completion of projects in the
energy sector. From planning to implementation, with
timely action from the regulator, holistic planning within
the power sector, and support from other relevant
government agencies, NGCP is confident of its capability
to build a smart and resilient power grid.