‘No firecrackers during Christmas, New Year’

THE Department of Health (DOH) is reminding the public to refrain from the use of firecrackers this Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Dr. May Ann Sta. Lucia of DOH 6 said they suggest people instead use coins, musical instruments, kitchen utensils and other objects that could make noise.
She added that even “torotot” or party horns are not yet allowed as droplets can be transferred among revelers which could possibly spread the COVID-19 disease as the country is still under a pandemic.
According to Sta. Lucia, Negros Occidental, with 50 firecracker – related injury cases last year, was the highest in the region. Iloilo province had only 29 cases; Aklan, 16; Capiz, 15; Antique, 5; and Guimaras, 1.
Bacolod City had 10 fireworks – related injuries reported while Iloilo City had only four.
She said there is a challenge in the traditional Filipino belief that making noise during Christmas and New Year drives the bad spirit away.
“What is the use of driving the spirits away when people get injured?” she asked.
The dilemma of some provinces like Negros Occidental and Iloilo is that there are firecracker manufacturers in their area, she noted.
The age groups who are victims of firecracker injuries are mostly from 11 to 20 years old or adolescents and those from 1-10 years old.
The most affected areas of injury of the victims include the hands, head and eye. (PIA
Negros Occidental)