Palomar to ‘make impossible possible’

By Edith B. Colmo

FOR the last term as chief executive of Tapaz, Capiz, reelected Mayor Roberto Palomar promised to his constituents that “we will make the impossible possible.”
“Politics can’t do nothing to the people. What is important is the legacy that you will leave to our children,” he said in his inaugural speech during.
He also urged his fellow political leaders to help each other. “We grew up here, so we will love our town. The true leader can make critical decisions. He loves his constituents, he is not afraid no matter what of his actions, as long as he knows his action.”
Palomar also told the Sangguniang Bayan members to work together and put politics aside. Likewise, Palomar said, “We placed our road map in the executive agenda. We did not deviate from the programs laid in the legislative agenda, which is a contribution of the people of Tapaz.”
Palomar assured the people of Tapaz that “we will do more, respond more, deliver more, after all that is our governance and public service is all about. ”
He added, “I can not do it alone without the support of other elected officials.”
Palomar and his fellow elected officials took their oaths of office on June 29.*