Panay Parish Church

CAPIZ NOTES Capiz through the years . . .

1935 – Capiz experienced a religious renovation in the town of Panay as its traditional Lenten season of this year underwent a new activity known as “considerad”. It was a Spanish word which means reflect or meditate. A tableau presented in a procession on Good Friday depicting Jesus Christ
Passion. Objects of significance in the life of Jesus Christ were attached to 46 “polo” or poles and each was carried by young boys. The entire chanting was alternately done in Spanish and the native language.

1935, September 17 – The first election was held for the National Assembly and the representatives were Manuel A. Roxas for the fi rst congressional district; Jose Dorado for the second congressional district; and Rafael Tumbokon for the third congressional district. This was after the approval of the Constitution of The Philippines on February 8, 1935. Notably, Roxas was Speaker for eleven (11) years from 1922 to 1933 when he was congressman of the fi rst congressional district.

1937 – A furious typhoon hit Capiz. Old folks explicitly named this typhoon in Hiligaynon term as “ugis” because the wind blew so strong that it faded out the tiny-hairy husks on the coconut shell.

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In Search of Identinonty by Jose B. Bolante
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