Partnership for land dev’t inked

Amid the pandemic, a partnership gearing to the development of agricultural land in Capiz was formed.

AnCor Development Corporation (ADC) and the Viterbo Family recently signed an agreement to venture for farm lot subdivision development and brokerage transactions.

The 58 parcels of land are located at Barangay Talon, Roxas City with a total area of 155,677 square meters.

Signing the partnership were ADC president Mark Ortiz, and Talon Farm Estates’ Fernando Luis Viterbo, and Mathew James Viterbo.

“Talon,” a Hiligaynon term for forest, means that in spite of the development, the cool mist from surrounding forestry and gentle sea breeze, which is a kilometer away from the seaside, is a promise among the future homeowners of the project that is the first of its kind in Roxas City, giving real estate investors looking for a laid back ambiance in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city an exciting option and alternative. Farm lots can be residential properties but are big enough to nurture income generating farm activities.