‘Philippines blessed land gone’


Did the Heavenly Father make a mistake? Can God make a mistake?

Let us look for the Filipinos. Everything is in history. Do you know that if the Philippines is a “chosen land?”

What are we are now? Do we have a direction?

Are we special or we are just an accident of history?

Israel believes they were special so what about us? We are not united, while the Jews are one in believing they are chosen.

And up to now, they are waiting for their “messiah.” The messiah is just an “anointed one.”

Lord Yeshua is more than that. He speaks of the soul of man.

Not of the political leadership and its presidency. This is the messiah of Israel, a leader who will fight for them whoever their enemy on the battlefield. Let us leave them of their belief.

Do you know that in history, we were able to assist this chosen people of God twice? First in World War II, when Hitler was about to obliterate them in the face of the earth. Remember the movie “Schindler’s List? A tribe of Israel stayed in the Philippines during those times.

The second one was when they petition the United Nations that they be acknowledged as one nation among the many nations of the world.

According to the annals of history, it was the Philippines who unleashed the tie vote. The rest was history. Israel was born.

Furthermore, I could have told the readers a more complicated future why the hatred of our brothers in Mindanao is gaining popularity in the southern part of the Philippines, but most of you will fear it for the government was not looking for the truth.

And it is written in the halls of history, “wars” will come to the faraway land. Because the leader from the South will come and they will persecute the unbelievers. The simple people, the masses, will find themselves in a place called “desolate.”

May heaven help us because in the people’s heart is hatred.

The government has not produced a “leader.” Duterte has just opened the salvo and we see the importance of Mindanao. After him, it is up to the “chosen one” of the Filipinos. I repeat, not the world only for us.

Remember, I told three premises: a) a chosen land of (wealth) b) chosen people (faithful and fanatics), and the important role of the Roman Catholic, which they ignore as if telling only, let us leave it to Christ, and c) the coming leader/s.

The first salvo of the coming leaders is centered in only two places as of now – Visayas and Mindanao.

The gods as we call it before are now history.

Let me use the old term the gods. I am referring to Archangel and various levels of holy hierarchies.

Oh! Someone will say it’s absurd and a lie. It’s a lie, yet why did the God of Israel meddle in the affairs of man? Selected King Saul as the first king. Why did Angel Gabriel went into one man and tell him that he is chosen? Is this absurd? Is this nonsense?

The gods meddle in the affairs of man since the beginning of time and only then we forget them and delete them in our minds.

Luzon is left as of this time by the gods and they are focusing on Panay Island and Mindanao.

The Far East is the Philippines and the heart of the Philippines is Panay island.

That is why there was a contender in Roxas City who was debated by the gods.

For unknown reasons, they choose the Man from Mindanao.

We now have the first king, if looking into the pattern of history.

Who is now the second king to come or will there be no more king? And let it be “Philippines, a Blessed Land Gone.”*