Philippines (Blessed land gone)

By Gabriel Victor | The Messenger

Ask your educators and parents, where is the Philippines going? Is there hope for our country and if there is, what?

Will there be an institution now that will say, we love the Filipinos, we love our countrymen, that Filipinos are worth dying for.

Several young generations have given their lives in favor of death (“hikog”). Where is their faith in the Divine? Though we have been hearing beautiful songs and praises from various religious orders, this phenomenal incident is happening on our doorsteps.

Never in the history of humankind have we seen the fire tornado presence yet, it happens. If we go deeper to unlock the mystery: one of the ancient texts written in 1880 revealed that this is how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

If someone will read this, the most common answer is that the Messiah is coming and there is no hope anymore. Is this so?

Before we assume something, let us go back to the past in the time of the Messiah (Christ Jesus).

According to the tradition of the church at the time, when he fell while he carried the cross to the place of the skull (Mount of Calvary), the Messiah whispered, “how many more prophets shall be slain your hands?”

Further, he said, “my people are in a faraway land…” Thus, we can partly surmise this is not Israel.

Where could be this so-called “far away land?”