Pinta Capiz at SM City Roxas

IN celebration of National Arts Month, the Capiz Provincial Government in partnership with SM City Roxas presents Pinta Capiz: Year 14, the longest running visual arts exhibit in the province.
The Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office led by Al Tesoro is focusing this year’s exhibit
on Capisnon visual artists’ depiction of the Capisnon identity.
The big idea is to showcase through visual arts the Capisnon—a vibrant and historically colorful people residing in the central Philippines have a kinaandanong palanublion (cultural heritage) that is wonderful and deserves to be celebrated.
The visual arts are one of them and it is important to use an artistic platform to showcase their historic past.
The social ideology of kusog (strength), kaisog (bravery), and kinaadman (knowledge, intellect, wisdom
and ability) may be used to memorialize the legend of the Capisnon ancestors in Maragtas.
The Pinta Capiz exhibit will run until February 29, 2024.
(Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office / Photos from SM City Roxas