Random thoughts

What differentiates a man from animal is his ability to look forward to tomorrow and to look beyond the externals of life.

As a person, we can see the beauty of a flower and think how good is God in creating such beauty. We think of a friend as someone we can rely upon and relate to..we think of our family..our loved ones and thank God how blest we are!

Indeed, we believe that beautiful lives are God-given blessings; while an animal will stop short at seeing a flower as something good to eat or not.

What makes a man worthy of being a Son of God is his ability to see and perceive meanings to situations. Man can be like a beast according to what his values are. Some will create situations that will put him over and above even at the detriment of another.

Pushing these statements further, a person is worth what he chooses to live and die for. Heroes and Saints; villains, thieves, and murderers are proof of this statement.

If a man is great, it is because they have chosen to live and die for causes and meanings greater than themselves, while man can be considered a beast because of the same causes like money and power.

What counts, there are the values in life he discovers and makes his own. As in Matthew 6:16; “where your treasure is, there your heart is also. Good reading everyone!”*